Chari (Season 2 Episode 1)

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Chari (A Vampire Biker Novel Series) Season 2 Episode 1 (Disciples of the Damned | Biker Bad Boy | Shifter Series Book 6)

Author: April M. Reign
Pages: 55
Publisher: AMR Publishing
Publication Year: 2015

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Note to the reader: You're entering into SEASON TWO of Disciples of the Damned!

Vampire Dominic Kollar leaves behind Ransom, California, in order to infiltrate the Disciples of the Damned, a vampire biker gang. He’s determined to find a way to move up the ranks so that he can locate and confront his brother, Florin. But Dominic's plans are thwarted when someone from Ransom finds him and asks him to return—asks him to help the city that is splintering into a dangerous power struggle between vampire and werewolf factions.

Dominic agrees to go back, but for one reason and one reason only—to save Chari, the woman he loves. With only a short time to save her, Dominic learns about the future of the supernaturals—a future bleak and full of despair. Armed with knowledge, he’s determined to take back the life he once knew when vampires ruled the Earth.
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