Ransom (Season 2 Episode 4)

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Ransom (A Vampire Biker Novel Series) Season 2 Episode 4 (Disciples of the Damned | Biker Bad Boy | Shifter Series Book 9)

Author: April M. Reign
Pages: 54
Publisher: AMR Publishing
Publication Year: 2016

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The Government Security Agency has managed to exile the entire town of Ransom, California, from the rest of the world. Cell phones, television and social media have been shut down or rerouted and communication outside of Ransom has been severed.

When the kill switch is triggered and bodies line the streets of Ransom, a new threat sweeps over the town.

Hunter struggles to keep his focus while he interrogates the chief of the GSA.

The Slayers and the Vypers team up to try and overthrow the GSA from their city.

Dominic discovers more about his past--about the events of two hundred years ago. During his search for Chari, he discovers that nothing is permanent and his brother is more of an ally than an enemy.

When word of the new threat makes its way outside the city limits, the news goes viral and sends the entire world into a mass, chaotic panic as fear of this new contamination spirals out of control.

Vampires. Werewolves. Humans.
They all want the same things: Territory. Autonomy. A “life.”
But which of the factions will ultimately prevail?

Ransom is Book Nine in April M. Reign’s Disciples of the Damned, the bestselling series of vampire bikers versus werewolves versus humans in an alternate-history California where all supernaturals are controlled by the government. And they are bloody angry about it, too. Don’t miss this exciting, fast-paced science fiction / fantasy / paranormal series with heroes and heroines to cheer for—and villains to die for...
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