When Hearts Cry (The Elitists Book 1)

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When Hearts Cry (The Elitists Book 1)

Author: April M. Reign, Kenny S. Rich
Pages: 231
Publisher: Rich Reign Press
Publication Year: 2017

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In the Year 2120, Earth is on the brink of self-destruction...
Plagued by radical climate change and destabilizing global warming...
Amid the chaos, one secret society seeks to control the elements...

My name is Geneva. The Elitists, a shadow organization of the world's most brilliant scientists, have enlisted me to retrieve two of the four Element Keys--ancient artifacts believed to contain the raw power of Earth's elements--earth, water, air, and fire. But my biggest fear is that if the Element Keys are real, and by some miracle we acquire them, we could cause incalculable damage on an unprecedented scale.

My name is Ayo. The Elitists have enlisted me to retrieve the other two Element Keys. But, like Geneva, I fear that if the Elitists attempt to control Mother Nature we could end up destroying not only the planet but the entire solar system we have each sworn an oath to preserve.

Will our daring quest result in humanity gaining the power to save our planet from impending doom, or will using science to play God unleash an even greater threat?
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