Bound to Darkness: The Beginning (The Turning Series Book 1)

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Bound to Darkness: The Beginning (The Turning Series Book 1)

Author: April M. Reign, E. Arellano
Pages: 268
Publisher: AMR Publishing
Publication Year: 2012

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Bound to Darkness: The Beginning
Apollo and Amaya Shelly are twins, living deep in the forest of Stockwood Washington and away from civilization. Raised by their father and under the protection of their leader, Maximiliano, Apollo and Amaya live what they consider a normal life with the Sanguis clan.

Three days before their 18th birthday, the twins discover that their "normal" existence is anything but normal: their father and the Sanguis clan are vampires. Worse yet, they learn that an agreement was made that would predestine them to become vampires on their special day.

In a chilling race against time, the twins uncover a secret that could destroy their lineage and alter their existence. Whether past or present, family or clan, the line between good and evil can easily blur. . .

. . . Especially when they are bound to darkness
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