Unleashed: Apollo’s Story (The Turning Series Book 2)

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Unleashed: Apollo's Story (The Turning Series Book 2)

Author: April M. Reign
Pages: 139
Publisher: AMR Publishing
Publication Year: 2012

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A feud, which has been unsettled for centuries...

A vampire leader, determined to sacrifice his army...

A werewolf clan, ready to invade its greatest enemy...

A town on the verge of destruction, its secrets buried in a Native American legend...

This is Apollo's story

In a hurry to leave the forest of Stockwood, Washington, and the feud between his vampire family and his werewolf bloodline, Apollo and Sophie flee to a neighboring town in order to seek a "normal" life together.

Protecting Sophie is the only thing on Apollo's mind--until he finds himself in the middle of a town with a deadly secret--a secret which includes everyone he loves.

Now caught between his duties to protect the vampire family that raised him, share his life with the woman he loves and unravel the town's secrets, which could destroy everyone, Apollo makes a choice. Determined to do the right thing, Apollo's world is torn apart, causing him to unleash his rage on everything in his path.
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