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The Elitists Series
Book 1: When Hearts Cry
Book 2: The Antimatter

The Imprint Series
Book 1: HASH
Book 2: The Secrets of Startech
Book 3: The Queen of Ceren


The Mancini Saga
Book 1: Carlo
Book 2: Antonio
Book 3: Mancini Christmas


Vampire Crimes Special Unit
Book 1: Moon Hunt
Book 2: Moon Gone
Book 3: Moon Crimes

The Dhellia Series
Book 1: Dhellia
Book 2: Quest for the Keys
Book 3: Trial by Fire

The Turning Series
Book 1: Bound to Darkness
Book 2: Unleashed
Book 3: Vampire Vengeance
Book 4: Vampire Curse

Children's Books
Eddie Earth and the Solar System
Eddie Earth and Under the Sea


Disciples of the Damned
(Season One)

Book 1: Dominic
Book 2: The Vypers
Book 3: The Slayers
Book 4: Friend or Foe
Book 5: War: The Horsemen

Disciples of the Damned
(Season Two)

Book 6: Chari
Book 7: Hunter's Hell
Book 8: GSA: Dead to Rights
Book 9: Ransom

Single Titled Books
Dividing Destiny
Enticing the Moon
Across Time