The Dhellia Series

Dhellia - Book One

Daughter of Darkness.
Father turned foe.
Brace for a supernatural clash!

In the mysterious realm of the underworld, a princess finds herself shackled by the chains of her own lineage. Dhellia Hunt, the young and spirited daughter of Lucifer and Adana is burdened with unrelenting duties and the weight of her infernal birthright. With the help of her brother, Damien, she makes a daring choice to escape her gilded prison.

With every step she takes, Dhellia unearths secrets long buried in the depths of her ancestry. As she flees the clutches of her own father, the infamous Lucifer, she realizes that abandoning her birthright comes at a heavy price. Hunted relentlessly, Dhellia must tap into hidden reserves of strength and unlock dormant powers she never knew she possessed.

Dhellia’s rebellion against her own bloodline becomes a beacon of hope in the darkest corners of the underworld. As she fights to reclaim her freedom, Dhellia encounters a multitude of allies and enemies alike, navigating a treacherous landscape of intrigue, betrayal, and the ethereal boundaries of good and evil.

Will Dhellia’s newfound powers be enough to overcome the relentless forces aligned against her? Unveiling a world where warlocks conjure forbidden spells, vampires lurk in the shadows, and the very essence of evil manifests itself in the form of Lucifer. Join Dhellia on her heart-pounding journey as she unravels the truth of her heritage, forges her own destiny, and confronts the darkest depths of her own soul.



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