The Turning Series

Vampire Vengeance - Book Three

His sister is in the hands of the enemy.
The town where he lives claims that the woman he loves is dead.
The Sanguis clan leader has disappeared.
And Apollo is running out of time.

In a harrowing attempt to find the woman he loves, Apollo confronts his adversaries and the dark secrets of his birthplace. One clue leads to another until he runs into a dead end.

As the clock to rescue his sister runs out of time, Apollo leads the remaining Sanguis clan to the werewolf compound in Spain. Once inside and behind enemy lines, he will come face to face with his most dangerous enemies, unravel family secrets and discover an heirloom with powers far stronger than he knew existed.

As he leaves one life behind, he will discover another, where he will be forced to choose between good and evil, family and solitude.