The Imprint Series (The HASH Series)

Queen of Ceren - Book Three

On the Ceren Mainship, Aric and Jade face a dire crisis: Jade’s pregnancy is in grave danger. As Aric prepares to ascend as King of Ceren, his warrior skills are put to the ultimate test. Together, they must risk everything to save his planet from extinction by an ancient enemy.

In this explosive, epic space adventure of honor and deceit, love and loss, and high-stakes battles with vicious foes, destiny knows no boundaries. Will Aric save his home planet’s people, who are in peril, awaiting the return of their young king to claim the empty throne? Can Jade prove to Aric’s people that she’s worthy to be their queen?

This is a must-read journey of courage and determination that will keep you on the edge of your seat!